Aug 15, 2011  •  In Art/Design, Personal, Wishlist

Letterpress Utility Cards [Wishlist]

A few years ago for my birthday, I received a set of blank cards. They were beautiful, no doubt, but I couldn’t help but be a bit disappointed, thinking, “What an unoriginal gift!” Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong, because I am still using those cards, for everything from “Thank You” cards to birthday cards […]

Jun 14, 2011  •  In Art/Design, Home, Wishlist

Paper Coasters by Terada Naoki

I am loving these paper coasters by Japanese designer Terada Naoki — the delicate profiles, the shadows they cast, and (perhaps the best part) how they can be stacked on top of one another to create more elements. Unfortunately, they only seem to be available in Japan at the moment.  🙁 Via You may also […]

Feb 28, 2011  •  In Art/Design, Books, Cute, Wishlist

Le Petit Prince Moleskine Limited Edition

The purveyor of my favorite notebooks has done it again. Moleskine has announced a collection of limited edition notebooks which pays tribute to the classic tale by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: Le Petit Prince (or, The Little Prince in English). The Little Prince has been one of my favorite books ever since I first read it in […]

Jan 23, 2011  •  In Claire, Cute, Gadgets, Wishlist

Laughing Baby

We’re not exactly sure why Claire was in such a good mood today (if only she were like this every day!), but we didn’t dare jinx it by even questioning why. We took it all in stride, enjoying every last minute, and when she went into a 3- minute long laughing frenzy, J scrambled for […]

Dec 27, 2010  •  In Asian, Baby, Cute, Wishlist

Fortune Cookie Booties

J is pretty particular when it comes to authentic Chinese vs. “Americanized” Chinese food, products, and ideas. For example, he thinks it’s a travesty that I prefer Chinese takeout from Panda Express over authentic Chinese cuisine from Chinatown, and swears that he will teach Claire to know (and prefer!) only the best. Be that as […]

Sep 25, 2010  •  In Art/Design, Asian, Star Wars, Wishlist

If ‘Star Wars’ Was Set in Feudal Japan

Illustrator Steve Bialik has combined Star Wars with Edo Japan in a series of six prints. The price is very attractive too, at $15 per print and $75 for the whole set. Each print is limited to an edition so hurry up if you’re interested before the fanboys snatch them all up! “The Admiral”(Admiral Ackbar) “The Emperor” […]

Sep 20, 2010  •  In Beauty, Books, Geek, Wishlist

Perfume That Smells Like a Library

Once again I am forced to wonder why anyone hasn’t thought of this before. Brooklyn perfumery I Hate Perfume has released a scent called “In the Library” that is inspired by the smells of libraries and books. According to perfumer Christopher Brosius, “these scents mean Excitement, Adventure, Discovery, Enlightenment and Knowledge.” Brosius further explains on the product page: Whenever […]