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When J was a little kid, his parents bought him a pair of ivory chopsticks that were engraved with his name. Twenty-plus years later, they are still his favorite pair of chopsticks:

When J’s parents came to the states for our wedding, they brought me a gift from Hong Kong: my own pair of ivory chopsticks, engraved with my Korean name written in Chinese…bought from the same store where they had gotten J’s chopsticks!

I joked that I will forever think of baby elephants being slaughtered as I use these chopsticks, but I really appreciated the gesture and the thoughtfulness that went into the gift.

Here they are, side by side. Notice how much darker J’s chopsticks are – they have browned with age. Mine are pointed, because J’s parents heard that Koreans prefer their chopsticks skinnier/more pointed than the Chinese (which is true).

Why an entire post about chopsticks? Because we may need to add some more to our collection…

Behold, lightsaber chopsticks!

Via Gizmodo.

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