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Color Blindness Vision Simulator

Perhaps there is something wrong with me, but I think it’s fascinating that some people are color-blind.

Can you see the number in this Ishihara color vision test plate?

I’ve always wondered how different people perceive color – even those with normal vision. Taking this into consideration, a color-blind person would be a treat for me. I want to study them, analyze them, and have one-on-one color study discussions with them. It’s horrible, I know, but doesn’t a small part of everyone delve into morbid curiosities such as these?

Now, with the help of internet technology, I can now have a glimpse into the intriguing world of color blindness.

This Vision Simulator not only lets you see how different images look to those with color blindness, it gives options for the different types of color blindness along with statistics correlating to each instance.

In fact, its parent site Causes of Color is a fascinating read in itself – an orgy of enthralling information for color lovers like me.


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  1. Hi,
    if you are interested in color blindness perhaps you will find the accessibility color wheel interesting.
    It’s an online color blindness simulator that helps in the choice of an accessible color pair.
    It’s for the curious and the designer who wants to choose good colors for instance for a web site.

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