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Our First Visit to the Doctor

We had our first OB appointment today! Before I get to the fun stuff, check out this lovely conversation I had with J en route to the doctor…

Geek in Heels: So are you excited?

The Sperm Donor: Yes!!!

Geek in Heels:

The Sperm Donor: I have one next week, and another the week after that…I can’t wait!

Geek in Heels: What are you talking about?

The Sperm Donor: Fantasy football drafts! What are you talking about?

Geek in Heels: Our first doctor’s appointment.

The Sperm Donor: Ooh…

Geek in Heels:

The appointment itself was quick and painless. I thought I was about 6 weeks pregnant, but I guessed wrong…based on the size of the embryonic sac (that was all we could see), the doctor estimated that I’m only 4.5 weeks along.

We are scheduled for another appointment in 2 weeks, when the doctor should be able to confirm Tater Tot’s age and my due date.

(Per our friend Eva‘s suggestion, we have decided to call the baby “Tater Tot” until we decide on a name. Why Tater Tot? Because J’s nickname is, and has been for most of his life, Potatohead.)

The appointment has confirmed three things:

After doing some quick calculations, I discovered that there’s a good chance that the due date will be near or on our 2-year wedding anniversary. How cool would that be?!!

I need to find a new OB. The doctor looked and sounded so much like the Asian doctor from the movie Knocked Up that we couldn’t help but snigger. How would you feel if this scene kept running through your head?

In addition, the staff was a bit rude. When I asked if I could keep the ultrasound picture, they said, “Why would you want to keep that? You can’t even see anything!” and just brushed me off.

I need to really start taking care of myself and the baby. Everyone’s been telling me that I need to be careful, but I didn’t take much heed. I continued to climb up stairs, lift heavy objects, and even clean the bathroom while inhaling harsh chemicals. Seeing my baby on the screen was exactly what I needed. It’s time to start eating healthy, watch every step I take, and accept the fact that I will not be able to do a lot of activities I once so enjoyed. (And yes, cleaning the bathroom is something I enjoy…don’t judge me!)

Can you believe it? I’m going to be a mommy! Please keep me, Tater Tot, and J in your thoughts and prayers for the duration of this pregnancy!

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13 Responses to “Our First Visit to the Doctor”

  1. Hubby says:

    hey we were talking about fantasy football right to that point, so don’t blame me cos you totally changed the subject out of nowhere

  2. HamiHarri says:

    Eeep! Your first milestone (I heart milestones!!!). I’m 13 weeks on Monday and we JUST saw our baby for the first time today…amazing! Check out our pic here:

    You’ll be amazed how much Tater Tot has changed by your next u/s!

    Congrats again!!!

  3. echan says:

    Tatortot and Tator_tot are both gone on Twitter, but s/he could take after his/her father and be Tat0rt0t….haha, perfect Twitter name for the baby.

  4. echan says:

    drat, someone else has tat0rt0t? how about _tatortot?

  5. suitablegirl says:

    I like the fact that you had that conversation with “The Sperm Donor” vs. “J”. Also, I love “Tater tot” as a nick. Apposite, evocative and cute! Hope you take it easy; all three of you are in my thoughts. 🙂

  6. CMW says:

    Why can’t you clean the bathroom and lift stuff? Unless you have complications and your doctor imposes restrictions, there’s no reason you can’t keep up your normal activity level. I’m 5 months pregnant, and other than resting during the worst of my morning sickness, nothing’s changed. What am I missing?

  7. Geek in Heels says:

    Hi CMW,

    I think the reason the doctor (and all my friends and family) told me this stuff is because I’m still very early in the pregnancy and so at a higher risk for miscarriage and birth defects. Lifting heavy objects has always been frowned upon for pregnant women, and climbing stairs increases the chance of miscarriage. As for cleaning the bathroom, the act itself isn’t bad but the fact that I use harsh chemicals to do so is – it even says there right on the label that inhaling the chemicals isn’t recommended for anyone!

  8. Ashley says:

    I just heard about this – congrats to you and your husband on your new baby Tater Tot! Such great news!

  9. Lourdes says:

    Ugh, I hate when I hate the office staff. Of course you’d want to keep a pic of the ultrasound. I love looking at mine when Wes was just part of a little sac, LOL.

    Btw, too funny about the doctor. And about fantasy football.

    But the best part of this post is seeing how excited you’re getting. It’s one crazy wonderful trip!

  10. msmacey says:

    congrats to you and your hubby!!! how exciting.. is your ob in the city? i’m current under the care of kathryn rutenberg. check out her link here,

    she’s great! our baby is due in 6 weeks. =)

  11. birdie says:

    you found out about your pregnancy pretty early! did you feel differently which prompted you to take a preg test? i think it’s wonderful that you found out early coz you have more time to prepare and avoid doing things you’re not supposed to. congrats to you and your family!

  12. Charmi says:

    YAY congrats! you guys must be so excited. 🙂 oh and definitely find another doctors office – they sound like debbie downers.

  13. Emily says:

    Congrats…this is so exciting!!

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