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Darth Vader vs. Lord Voldemort

For the record, I think that Vader kicks Voldemort’s butt any day.

Via Geekologie.

P.S. — Have you watched HP7 Part 1 yet? J and I managed to sneak away for a few hours last night to catch it and…well, it’s like what I’ve always said about the Harry Potter movies: each consecutive movie is better than the last, but it comes nowhere near the book. And what was up with the Harry & Hermione dancing scene?

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5 Responses to “Darth Vader vs. Lord Voldemort”

  1. The dancing scene was cute in a way but weird in another way. I thought the first scene with Hermione's parents was REALLY powerful, and so was the scene where Ron sees the vision of Harry and Hermione. I thought it was definitely the best movie, and I actually liked it just as much as the book. I thought it really breathed life into it and I love how they played on the tension. I was really happy with the way they did it, definitely more true to the book than most of the other movies.

  2. yay I loved this! I saw HP7 last weekend and it was awesome! So much better than any of the other movies. but you're right, nothing beats the book. Which now I want to re-read (again). and yeah, dancing scene was strange, but kind of cute. So was the smoke scene before ron stabbed the locket where it looked like they were both naked?

  3. This is hilarious! I caught HP7 this weekend – it was good, but I enjoyed Conan's spoof of the HP7 trailer even more. Have you seen it? It's online! (I can't access it right now or I'd include the link)

  4. joyjoy says:

    I think HP7 is my favorite HP movie so far (thought that isn't saying much), but I agree, the books blow the movies out of the water.

    For the record, I think blurred facial features due to splitting the soul too many times through murder beats lava burns any day. Just sayin'. 😛

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