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Family Resemblances

When Claire was first born, no one could really say who she looked like — there were moments here and there when she looked like J’s father, and flashes when she resembled me…but no definitive comments of “Ohmigosh she looks exactly like ______!” as you see with many other babies.

One of the few pictures where she looks like me

These days, everyone says that Claire looks like her uncle (J’s brother). Not only do they have similar features, they make the same facial expressions, so it’s quite comical when they’re sitting next to each other, or staring at each other with the same one-eyebrow-cocked expression.

Even my own mother, who was at first a skeptic, cracked up when she first saw them together — “Be careful!” she told me. “Others might think you guys did something bad if they see how much Claire looks like her uncle!”

(And I always tell my SIL that the reason she loves Claire so much is because Claire looks so much like her husband!)

Last weekend, my mother sent me a picture with her iPhone. “I think you were about six months old here…see, Claire DOES look like you!”

I love my dad’s hair in this picture.

I was pleasantly surprised for two reasons: (1) my parents could not afford a camera when I was younger, so there are very, very few baby pictures of me and my sister and I could not recall seeing this one before; and (2) I could really see some likeness! Especially in the hair pattern and big chubby cheeks.

A shot of Claire when she was six months old

I always feel bad for J that his firstborn doesn’t look anything like him. So with this episode in mind, I decided to take a look at his baby pictures to see if there’s a resemblance…

And there isn’t much.  🙁

You gotta admit that he was a cute baby though, and Claire definitely has his eyebrows —

A recent picture of Claire, for comparison:

And, just because I think nekkie pictures of babies are so adorable…

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that BebeDeux will look like J. I think that having a daughter who looks like him will help ease his longing for a son. Plus, J looks exactly like his mother, and his mother is quite an attractive lady!

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7 Responses to “Family Resemblances”

  1. annie says:

    Yes! She does look like you 🙂 So you can’t use that she looks like W that’s why I love her so much 😉 I love her because she’s sooooooo CUTE and my first niece! 😀

  2. Sunny says:

    Omg yah she does have your hairline! J has quite the baby booty there. =D

  3. Cyndi says:

    I don’t think i know what J’s bro looks like but i seriously think Claire looks like your father..I never noticed it until my MIL pointed it out!

    • When she was younger she looked a lot like him (and me, since I look like my dad 😛 ) but it’s getting less and less pronounced. It’s funny, because people think she’s my BIL & SIL’s kid rather than ours, because she’s looks so much like her uncle and NOTHING like J.

  4. Charmi says:

    She does look like you! You guys were both such cute babies too!

  5. Amy says:

    Are you kidding? She so has J’s chin!

  6. Sabrina says:

    Wow, Claire has such a cute, pointy chin! I smell a v-line face shape when she’s older, haha!

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