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Friday PicDump, 05.03.2013

I think I’m going to make these PicDumps a regular on Fridays. Not everyone who reads this blog is a Facebook friend with whom I share photos, and I figure that this will motivate me to take more pictures of the kids. 🙂

Last Thursday, April 25 2013, was the national Bring Your Child to Work Day. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that J’s company goes all out for this event (he only joined this company last summer) — not only do they arrange food, games, and activities, they also hire outside entertainment and provide nap rooms!

J happily brought Claire along for the ride…


She undoubtedly had a blast; she came home with a swag bag full of his company’s promotional materials (i.e., slinky, stickers, playing cards, etc) and even received her own ID badge! I was afraid that this is what she thinks her dad does at work all day and that she would want to go with him every morning.  😉

We had believed Aerin to be too young to participate, but J told me that the office was full of kids of all ages that day. Many spouses also accompanied the young visitors, so you can be sure that the entire family will be attending next year!

The next set of pictures are from a playdate we had with cousins Rachel & Ethan. 7-year-old Rachel adores the girls and they all had fun playing dress-up, doing arts & crafts, and chasing each other around the house.


Lastly, a trip we made to the park yesterday. Our building’s elevator was out that morning, so I had quite an adventure bringing both girls, the diaper bag, my purse, and the double stroller down 4 flights of stairs by myself.

But it was sooo worth it, if for the weather alone. I’m usually not able to take pictures of the girls when it’s just me watching over them outdoors, but I was able to snap some shots when the playground was empty and I was able to better keep track of them.


Those who follow me on Instagram may have seen this picture of Claire verrrryyyy carefully pushing her little sister on the swing:

Unfortunately, Aerin was more interested in the flower I had picked
for her. (You can see a bit of the yellow on her lap.)

We were having so much fun at the park that the only way I could get Claire to agree to come back home for their naps was to promise her some ice cream. So there we were, sharing ice cream at Baskin Robbins when Aerin refused to have any more after just a few bites. Claire then said to me, “엄마, 베이비 아이스크림 안먹어. 베이비 이상해.” (“Umma, the baby’s not eating ice cream. Baby’s weird.”)

Why yes, refusing ice cream would mean you’re weird.  🙄

Lastly, a snapshot my mom took of Claire while she was visiting her last weekend. What a little model! (You can’t tell from this picture, but that’s a Hello Kitty umbrella she picked out herself. She wants to go out whenever it rains now.)


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6 Responses to “Friday PicDump, 05.03.2013”

  1. Kristie says:

    Great pictures! I think my favorite is of Claire holding her umbrella 🙂

  2. Angela says:

    they’re both growing up so fast!! they are such sweethearts, i love the one of claire pushing aerin on the swing!

  3. Angela says:

    it’s been a challenge keeping up with my favorite blogs without google reader 🙁 i’m still mourning it’s loss and trying to get used to feedly.

  4. Annie says:

    I am loving these pictures! Please make it a regular thing 🙂 I miss my nieces!

  5. kim says:

    Your girls are beautiful!

  6. Sunny says:

    Cute! I think I’ve said this before but Claire looks like you and Aerin looks like J.

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