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Game of Thrones Costume Details

A Hollywood insider once told me that assistants are often a overlooked source of information, influence, and power.

Upon hearing that, I wondered to myself, ‘Well what about all the other “little” people involved in each movie and television show? Who knows? Even a grip can potentially hold significant insider scoop and leverage!’

Alright, so my overactive imagination probably got the better of me there. (And it’s likely that most people reading this wouldn’t know what a grip even does.) But can you imagine, in this day and age, the fangasms that would ensue if every talented member of a movie/TV production had an active Facebook page, a Twitter feed, or even…gasp…an updated, detailed blog?

And this is where Michelle Carragher comes in. She is an embroidery artist and illustrator for notable productions such as Elizabeth IPrince of Persia, and Stardust.

Oh, and did I mention Game of Thrones?

AND that she has a kickass blog which features numerous photos of her creations?

game_of_thrones_costumes_2 game_of_thrones_costumes_1

game_of_thrones_costumes_5 game_of_thrones_costumes_4
game_of_thrones_costumes_9 game_of_thrones_costumes_8
game_of_thrones_costumes_12 game_of_thrones_costumes_11

Exquisite doesn’t even begin to cover how I feel about her pieces. I’m actually a bit saddened her work was done for a show like GoT where all the action, backstabbing, and jaw-droppers can really overshadow the costumes. I mean, just how many people can say that they noticed all these little details?






Be sure to click on over to Michelle Carragher’s blog for even more photos of the GoT costumes she’s worked on, costumes from other sets, and even step-by-step instructions on how to create “dragonscale” from fabric!


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