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Growing Up

Teething update: last week I felt a tiny tooth poking out…but the next the day it was gone! What the?!? As usual, I turned to the interwebs to make sure I wasn’t going loco and it turns out that it’s perfectly normal for a tooth to reverse itself. Great.

The good news is that Claire no longer seems to be in pain from teething. So yay for that!

I occasionally wonder if I’ll ever look back to the first few months of Claire’s life and really miss it. Because right now, I don’t miss it. AT. ALL.

Now that Claire is nearing 6 months of age, she is starting to become quite fun. I now know exactly what to do to procure a smile and even elicit peals of laughter. She now has a favorite toy (Lamaze’s Jacques the Peacock), favorite activity (playing in her walker), and favorite thing to stare at (all the pictures, cards, and postcards on the fridge).

My little girl’s personality is starting to shine through too. She’s quite stubborn, just like her mommy (I’m pretty sure that she will roll back-to-front before front-to-back, or even crawl before rolling front-to-back, because whenever she’s on her tummy she makes NO effort to roll over no matter what I do), but is also a shy little girl, evidenced by her smiling and hiding her face whenever we face the mirror together.

Claire is also starting to understand cause and effect. She now knows that pressing certain buttons on her toys will create music and sound. And at no other time was this more apparent than this past weekend, when J sat her down in front of my digital piano…

Once daddy pumped up the volume and set the sound to “Organ” mode, she absolutely went wild and had a ball of a time banging on the keys.

See? She already looks like a virtuoso —

I know that some women absolutely adore the baby phase and wistfully look back to those days as their children grow older. Then there are those, like me, who look forward to the future knowing that their kids are maturing and learning with each passing day, and anticipate the day when they could start holding adult conversations with their children.

Maybe it’s a personality thing? Ever since I could remember I wanted to be older. Even now, at the age of 30, I want to be older still. I actually look forward to the days when I will be old and wrinkly. Anyone with me?

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4 Responses to “Growing Up”

  1. Mina says:

    oh man, just look at those pillowy cheeks. and she’s having such a great time with the piano–so fun!

  2. Cheryl says:

    I’m with you on the whole looking forward to being older thing, I can’t wait until my whole head is full of white hair! I’m not a mother but whenever there are newborns around me, I can’t wait until they’re a little bit older and are at a fun age.

  3. I love that last photo – she looks like a pro! 🙂

  4. Marie says:

    Hi, I randomly found your blog one day and I followed it because I found your posts quite interesting! Props to you for posting such personal entries. Also, Claire is super cute, and I think you do a great job from this blog reader’s point of view.

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