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Honeymoon Days 7-8: Santorini

Our second day in Santorini was the Greek Easter, which the locals and hotel staff had promised to be a day full of good food and festivities. However, we woke up to thunder and rain, which continued throughout the day. We decided to stay in all day, bum, and order room service (which was the same price and same menu as the restaurant).

Our third day was still cloudy, but we decided to head out into the town of Fira to do some sightseeing. Fira is a 5-minute drive from the Santorini Princess, but we decided to take the scenic route and walk instead. Since the majority of the walk is uphill along gravel or cobblestone streets, the trip took about 30 minutes.

More food, the town of Fira, and Lounging by the Pool:

Fira is a small town that is filled with tourist-y shops. We didn’t buy anything save some local wine poured directly from barrels. Honestly, I never really liked white wine too much until I tasted Santorini wine!

When we returned to the hotel we were pleasantly surprised to see the sun peeking out from the clouds, so we decided to lounge by the pool. J had bought a Cuban cigar in Mykonos and he put it to good use, smoking and relaxing while watching the sunset. I ordered a cocktail and took a little nap.

After a relaxing bath in the ginormous whirlpool tub, we retired for the night in preparation for our 7am flight the next morning. Again, the hotel was wonderful…knowing we would be leaving before the kitchen opened, they sent a complimentary tray of coffee and pastries at 5:20am. At check-out, they even gave us two complimentary bottles of wine, both of which are supposed to be better quality than the bottle we had at the restaurant!

Due to the chilly weather (it was only slightly warmer than NY, mostly in the 60s) we didn’t visit the famous beaches (I really want to see the black-sand beach) or volcanoes. However, J wants to return for a week-long trip to just Santorini in the near future because he loved it so much. What a great, great island.

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