Jul 17, 2008  •  In Thursday Geek-isms

Hump Day Hook-Ups

The past 7 days was a slow week for news. Maybe I’m getting too jaded and selective? Or perhaps it’s because the damn iPhone 3G seemed to take over my Google reader. Whatever the reason, here they are, my favorite links for the week. (And sorry that iPhone-related news take three of the spots…hey, like I said, nothing else gathered as much interest.)

  1. Autoblog takes iPhone 3G’s navigational abilities for a spin, Engadget Mobile. The verdict? Not so great. My LG Voyager does better (and gives traffic conditions, and talks to me).
  2. Guitar Hero: World Tour demo video blowout, Joystiq. Watch the last video. Holy crappers. Can’t wait till it comes out!
  3. Sprint and SK Telecom in Talks to Co-Develop Awesome Phones, Gizmodo. Most of the world is on GSM networks, but I personally think that CDMA is better….if utilized correctly. If this rumor comes to life, Sprint will have the power to revitalize the US mobile market.
  4. ’24’ will kick off new season with movie, USA Today. A full-length feature film with Jack Bauer! My favorite Jack Bauer-ism: “If everyone listened to Jack Bauer, the show would be called 1.”
  5. UPDATE: Steve Wozniak (With Posse) Has Space Saved In Line at San Jose iPhone 3G Launch, Gizmodo. The original title of this post was “Sneaky Steve Wozniak (With Posse) Cuts In Line at San Jose iPhone 3G Launch.” Apparently, witnesses at the scene thought Woz cut in line at a San Jose Apple Store in anticipation of the iPhone 3G. Woz’s people now say that they were waiting in line since 4am and Woz was just taking a break when the store opened. Um, if you are one of the co-founders of Apple, wouldn’t they send you one (or ten) anyway?
  6. Anguish of ‘Stock’ Splits, New York Post. I know it’s mean, but I can’t help but laugh at the people featured in this article, which chronicles the rising divorce rates in this economy. No summer house in the Hamptons. No summer camp for the kids. No 3-week vacations to Europe. No country club. Boo-effing-hoo.
  7. Scarcity, Seth’s Blog. Seth Godin’s take on how Apple could’ve done things better on the iPhone 3G launch day. It makes a lot of sense, and I sure hope someone in Apple marketing read this.
  8. Alexandre Duret-Lutz – Wee Planets, haha.nu. Photography is another medium I enjoy, and I wish I were better at it. Some scoff at the advent of digital photography and digitally post-processed images, but I think they add another dimension to photography that could never be achieved with traditional film. Take these panoramas, for example. They are altered to create mini-globes of each scene with spectacular results. The linked site even has instructions!
  9. No camera. No lights. Just data, Official Google Blog. Radiohead’s new music video for the song “House of Cards” was created with new laser technologies called Geometric Informatics and Velodyne Lidar. I love how this band always breaks the rules, sets new trends, and just sets the bar so high (plus, J went to the same high school as them!). Go visit this site for a link to some behind-the-scenes, extra feature goodies.
  10. 2008 Olympics Uniforms: Designed for Performance, Mental Floss Blog. The new Olympic uniforms are built to break records. Is it me or does this seem…unfair? I say they take a cue from the first Olympics and do every event in the nude.

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