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IE Rendering Problems Fixed

Umm…why didn’t anyone tell me that this site looks like crap on IE7 and below???

I made the change to the new layout back in July and according to my traffic stats, a whooping 18% of my visitors use IE7 when viewing this site.

I don’t know why it never occurred to me to check GeekInHeels.com on Internet Explorer before, as I always do cross-browser testing when designing other people’s sites. Frankly I am a bit ashamed and disappointed in myself for not having noticed this problem earlier. And for that, I apologize.

But while we’re on the subject…

***stepping onto the soapbox***

While doing a more thorough evaluation of my visitors, I was shocked to discover that a large majority of my traffic stemmed from those using OUTDATED BROWSERS. Even worse, there was an appalling amount of people using IE6.

If you are not doing so already, please start using Firefox, Safari, or Chrome for a more pleasant web-surfing experience.

If you must use IE, please update to the latest version.

I realize that many people are confined to earlier versions of IE due to the laziness/ignorance of their IT departments at work. If so, please encourage your IT department to upgrade, ESPECIALLY if you are still using IE6.

Simply put, IE6 is an outdated P.O.S. in a rapidly-changing internet landscape. Not only is it a nightmare for all web developers/designers, it does not support the latest in internet technology (like HTML 5) and its security flaws are enough to keep all antivirus companies in business.

Go check out IE6 No More, where web developers and popular sites have banded together to spread the word about the horror that is IE6.

***stepping off the soapbox***

Where was I? Oh yes. So I’ve updated my coding to please IE7.

I repeat: GeekInHeels.com now renders correctly on Internet Explorer 7.

So go check out my new Halloween theme now. Because it’ll be gone come Sunday.

I did my best on IE6, but it’s not perfect (but then again, how can a website be perfect on an imperfect browser?). And screw the earlier versions. YES I’M TALKING TO THE PERSON WHO VISITED MY SITE ON IE3 EARLIER THIS MONTH.

And PLEASE, in the future, if you see any rendering problems with this site, shoot me a message right away!

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3 Responses to “IE Rendering Problems Fixed”

  1. Snapdragon says:

    Um, please tell my IT dept at work! I have to look at your website in IE6 because my employer has not upgraded from IE6 yet. It stinks. I am fairly certain they get complaints about it at least 10 times a day. The day we upgrade to IE6… my co-workers and I will be throwing a PAR-TAY!

    At home, I can see your site in the most recent Firefox, which is much prettier. (cheers!)

  2. Geek in Heels says:

    Thanks, Snapdragon! I just made some additional tweaks so that it looks a bit better on IE6.

    And wow that really does suck about your company. Apparently, Microsoft will continue to support IE6 until 2014, which is WAY too long for a browser that was released in 2001. If only "supporting" means "fixing"!

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