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If Web Browsers Were Celebrities [Infographic]

I used to be a huge fan of Firefox, but made the switch to Chrome two years ago and have not looked back. 🙂

I continue to use Firefox and Safari for certain secret agent web missions, and am consistently reminded over and over again why Chrome is a better fit for me (faster, lightweight, and handles my bazillions of open tabs better) — but I certainly understand how others may prefer Firefox, Opera, or Safari over Chrome.

What I don’t understand is the large number of internet surfers who are still using IE7, nevermind IE6! (I have had hundreds of visitors browsing this blog with IE6 in the last month alone.)

The below infographic is pretty funny and accurate, if I must say so myself. I can see how some people may get a bit offended at the death references, but hey, it’s all in good humor, right?

Which web browser is your favorite? Do you agree with this infographic?

Via Bit Rebels.

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7 Responses to “If Web Browsers Were Celebrities [Infographic]”

  1. Kate says:

    I wonder if you did a survey of people who read your blog at work where they have no control over their browser cause of security settings (as in, no admin rights to install a better one) if those browser oddities would be explained. Cause I’m comin at ya right now in IE7 which is definitely an embarassment but I am powerless to fix it. Also I laughed SO hard at this.

    • That’s a great point — and I completely understand about how some companies are still using outdated software. (Although I wouldn’t have sympathy for them if they were hacked…hello, security flaws!)

  2. anne says:

    That’s been my reason for having to use IE also.
    Even worse, we tried to use Squarespace on my boyfriend’s work laptop when we were on vacation. Squarespace responds to IE6 users with the following wonderfully snarky error message:

    “Internet Explorer 6 is not supported.

    Squarespace is an advanced web application that can not be deployed to web browsers that were released almost 7 years ago (IE6 was released in 2001).

    Please install any modern web browser in order to use our editor. This includes Internet Explorer 7+, Safari 3+, Firefox 2+, or Opera 9+.”

    • Your boyfriend’s company FORCES him to use IE6? I think they should make it so that this would be considered a legitimate worker’s grievance that can only be compensated for with a raise/bonus or extra vacation days. 😉

      • Grace says:

        At my old job, an important web-based software program we used for basically EVERYTHING only worked with IE6 (hello, technologically challenged world of nonprofits!). It was really sad.

        In every other context though, it’s Chrome all the way (and pre-Chrome, Firefox).

  3. Amanda says:

    Hah, love it! I use Safari, but I’ve been curious about Chrome for a while now, I just haven’t tried it out yet!

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