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Popular Websites as Classic Boardgames

Brought to you by Hasbro Game Night, these mashups are nothing short of uproariously accurate! My favorite is Reddit as Hungry Hungry Hippos — as soon as I read it, I didn’t even need to look at the picture because I was already thinking, “Yep, exactly!”

Facebook as Operation:

Google as Chutes and Ladders:

Tumblr as Candy Land:

OKCupid as Twister:

Wikipedia as Scrabble:

Reddit as Hungry Hungry Hippos:

BuzzFeed as Scattergories:

Twitter as Monopoly:

Via BuzzFeed.

P.S. — How much are my fellow WordPress bloggers loving version 3.5’s new feature that lets you insert more than images at once? My prayers have been answered!

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One Response to “Popular Websites as Classic Boardgames”

  1. Rebekah says:

    LOL at the reference to Kenosha, WI in Operation.

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