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Introducing BebeDeux

Faithful readers would know that I’ve been having some health problems as of late. They would also recall that I had promised to describe these problems in further detail…

Well, the secret’s out of the bag.

I am currently 12 weeks pregnant with Claire’s little sister or brother!

I know the first question that pops into practically everyone’s mind is: were we trying? And the answer to that is no. And I wouldn’t be lying if I were to say that there were moments — there are still moments — when I feel completely overwhelmed and scared. But we believe this pregnancy to be just as much of a blessing as Claire, and are happy to be expanding our little family.

We had our NT scan today and everything looks perfect. BebeDeux (my nickname for the little tyke)’s heartbeat was strong and steady at 172 bpm, and I couldn’t help but be reminded of how Claire looked at her NT scan. However, this pregnancy seems to have brought me more nausea, fatigue, and other unfavorable symptoms (such as insomnia and migraines) than my pregnancy with Claire and I’ve been really hurting as a result. Fortunately, I have wonderful people in my life — such as J, my SIL, and my mother — who have been graciously donating their time and energy in helping me take care of Claire in my fragile state.

Incidentally, BebeDeux’s due date (November 3, 2011) is exactly 13 months from what was Claire’s due date. So if he/she decides to show up a few days early like Claire did, we could very well end up with a Halloween baby!

(Personally, I am hoping for 11/1/11, 11/10/11, or 11/11/11 because then the baby’s birthday would be a binary number!)

I know that the next few years will be quite a rollercoaster as I’m sure that other mothers of “2 under 2” can agree. I would greatly appreciate your prayers and support as we embark on this next chapter of our lives!

P.S. — I have blogged about this pregnancy but have only written a couple of (private) posts thus far. I have since made them public, and if you wish you can view them — in addition to all future posts regarding BebeDeux — at https://www.geekinheels.com/category/bebedeux

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64 Responses to “Introducing BebeDeux”

  1. Congratulations! I hope you feel better soon!

  2. L3oni3 says:

    I’m a Halloween baby and it’s an awesome birthday to have. Congrats!

  3. Carly says:

    Congratulations, Geek in Heels family!! 🙂 I can’t remember if I commented or not, so sorry if I’m repeating myself. I’m excited for you guys and your newest adventure with BebeDeux!!

  4. Rachael says:

    Congratulations! I have heard that having two close together is hard, the first two years will certainly be a challenge. But after that you have kids that can be best friends, who can be really close, play together, teach each other… it’s seriously awesome.

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