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Light Weekend

Last Sunday, J’s uncle passed away.

I was not particularly close to him. I have never had conversations longer than a couple of minutes with him due to our language barrier.

But he always had a big, genuine smile on his face whenever I greeted him. I could tell that he was proud of J on our wedding day, and that he liked and respected me as a person (the feelings were mutual).

Isn’t that the best that you can hope for with a person you don’t see often, with whom you can barely communicate?

With his wake and funeral taking place this weekend, blogging will undoubtedly be light.

Mother’s Day will be subdued as well. J and I will take Claire to my parent’s tomorrow for an early supper, but that will probably be it.

Life is so precious and sacred. I have seen so much love and hate this past week — while it can be truly heartening for strangers to seek you out in hopes of encouraging you, it can equally be as discouraging to have them google your name and find a way to contact you just to cuss you out.

So with a death in the family, in addition to the events of this past week, I can’t help but be a bit cliché and urge my readers to live a life they could be proud of.

Have a great weekend, and Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there.  🙂

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  1. So sorry to hear about his passing, but it sounds like you have good memories of him 🙂 I hope the service is very special for the family.

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