Sep 9, 2009  •  In Blogging, Personal

Major Apologies!

I’ve made a huge, significant boo-boo.

Remember the winner of the tagline contest? Well, I had compiled the list of entries incorrectly.

While I admit that I’ve had a major case of Pregnancy Brain this past week, that is no valid excuse. I have no one to blame but myself.

The winner of the tagline contest is Jen, not Sara.

I extend my upmost apologies to both ladies. Please forgive me!

Jen will be receiving the prizes, and I will think of something to gift to Sara as well as a small way to express my regrets.

Lastly, I am sorry to all my readers. I promise the next contest/giveaway will be better organized (and I’ll get J, the dog, and Tater Tot to make sure nothing like this ever happens again!).

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One Response to “Major Apologies!”

  1. Jen says:

    No big deal! I just thought I was losing my mind or something! Sweet!

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