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Model Kit Business Cards

I wish I knew someone who works at Tamiya, the Japanese model-kit company, so they’d give me one of their business cards!

At first glance the “cards” look like fancy stencilwork. However, once you break the letters from the frame and snap them together, you can either end up with a Formula One car, a warship, or a fighter-plane.

The downside? Once the recipient has disassembled your card to make the model, he/she will no longer have your contact details. Oops.

These cards sure bring me down memory lane, as I loved toy model kits as a child. I never even bothered with the expensive kits, because to me, the joy was in the assembly. Once the robot/aircraft/ship/car was assembled, I usually just ended up discarding them.

The same with paper dolls. I would spend hours meticulously cutting out each figure, clothing, and accessory…only to throw them all away once I was finished.

Yeah, I was a weird (and wasteful) kid.

Via Wired Gadget Lab.

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  1. Serena says:

    This is so cool! I loved model kits as well and was the same way about them as you – I enjoyed the process. Once I finished making the model, I had no idea what to do with it.

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