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My Imaginary TV Boyfriend

Being an engaged woman doesn’t mean I can’t have my celebrity crushes. Today I’d like to introduce my other imaginary boyfriend…

Meet Jim Halpert:

(image courtesy of

Allow me to clarify. My attraction is not with John Krasinski, but with the lovably dorky character he plays on NBC’s The Office.

John Krasinski isn’t particularly good-looking, nor does he fall under the category of the guys I usually fall for (the clean-cut dudes with a streak of a bad side). If I ever run into someone who looks exactly like him I would think he’s cute in a goofy way but leave it at that.

So then, what is it about Jim Halpert that keeps millions of women strapped in front of the TV, drooling, every Thursday night?

For me, it’s the combination of his wit and humor (and the numerous pranks he plays on Dwight), compassion, and loyalty. He’s the type of guy who was too shy and geeky to talk to girls in high school but eventually comes to his own with his brains and killer personality.

And his love and devotion for Pam! Unlike many others, I do not think the most romantic moment between them was when Jim confessed his love to the then-engaged Pam. I think the best moment was when he angrily chastised her for not taking the chance to follow her dreams of being a designer. To me, only real love can do that: show another person that they’re making the wrong choice, even if it’s the opposite of what that person wanted to hear.

Last week, while driving down West Side Highway my friends and I saw a billboard advertising the upcoming movie Leatherheads. “There goes my imaginary TV boyfriend,” I sighed.

“Him? My friend made out with him in college!”

I almost crashed the car.

“What college did he attend?” I managed to stumble.


!!! Brown was actually my first choice for some time! Imagine that – I could’ve gone to school with the future Jim Halpert.

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