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My Name is Jenny and I am a Serial Subscriber

I subscribe to over 500 sites via Google Reader (sadly, if your site doesn’t have an RSS feed, it’s likely that I’ll never visit it again unless it is spectacular) and I always have a heck of a time trying to “weed” through my feeds in an effort to lessen the number of posts/articles I have to read each day.

And yes, I must read ALL of them because I’m anal like that.

Unfortunately, as many feeds as I “unsubscribe” each week, my “subscribe” number is always higher.

How can I resist when there are sites like ZooBorns (which my friend Jillian introduced via Twitter earlier this week and started a “zOMG so cute!” frenzy)…

Or the weirdly obsessive, “Thanks, now I’ll always see that…” site Cannot Unsee?

What say you, readers? Do you have any tips for cutting down on your Google Reader subscriptions?

…or are you a helpless serial subscriber like me?

. . . are there any new sites you’d recommend?

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10 Responses to “My Name is Jenny and I am a Serial Subscriber”

  1. Ashley says:

    No tips, I’m afraid. I have a ton of site to catch up on myself. Actually, I’m here to make things worse… the hubs loves Warming Glow and Film Drunk (, It’s snarky television and film-related stuff. I actually saw an entry about the Star Wars opening crawl on there, too. The guy’s commentary is pretty funny, if you like that kind of humor.

  2. Heather says:

    Yep, I hear you. I am the same way. And why do we feel we must read every post??? But we do!
    (But so entertaining, yes?)

  3. Becca says:

    You are the devil… I’m only on 136 subscriptions so far (mostly Disney, interior design and weddings!) and now there’s more I need! I’m going to have to start taking the bus to work instead of driving so that I have time to read all the darn things!!

    Haha. Thanks for the suggestions. May I recommend Poorly Dressed People of the World? Addictive…

  4. MERgetsMRSed says:

    I am a compulsive subscriber too. If you need to clean out, go through and delete anything that hasn’t had a new post in 30 days. That should help a little!

  5. Jessica says:

    Sorry, I can’t really identify with your situation! I have probably about 70 subscriptions and I have no problem letting posts go unread. I always read what interests me most first … and if I find myself not reading certain subscriptions, I’ll unsubscribe.

  6. Moll says:

    I’m more of an amateur at 95 subscriptions, but I do have a very hard time letting anything go unread. I tried to go through and delete some of the ones I’m less crazy about, yet somehow I always end adding more than I drop.

  7. Felicity says:

    I have at least 150 and must read every single post. I bet if I narrowed it down to 50 I’d gain hours of productive time every week. But, oh the blogs, I just love the blogs!

  8. Liesal says:

    I’m not help either. I’ve got 180 subscriptions. Maybe we should start meetings? Hi. My name is Liesal and I am a subscribaholic.

  9. 232 blogs on my reader! I need to unsubscribed to some . . . I always have a huge backlog.

  10. Shell says:

    Over 200 subscriptions for me. It’s definitely addicting. I stopped subscribing to FML, etc. Only some of the cheezeburger sites still. I go through my subscriptions periodically and get rid of ones that have bored me recently. Or aren’t incredibly funny all the time, or whatever. It still takes a lot of time to clear it out, but I love the satisfaction of it!

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