Mar 4, 2010  •  In Movies, Pregnancy, Reviews

My Thoughts on “The Business of Being Born”

Yesterday I watched what many women claim the must-see movie for all expectant mothers: The Business of Being Born.

My take on this documentary is that while it was informative and had some valid points, but it cast hospitals and OB-GYNs in a very harsh light. I fear that many women who watch this movie will be scared into not trusting their doctors (who are apparently only there to push drugs/procedures on you so they can get home before dinner).

Many times throughout the movie I felt like I was being lectured into thinking drug-free is the only way to have a “natural” birth and the “best” way to birth. Although it was never directly stated, the feeling I got was that giving birth in a hospital was the “wrong” way to birth and women who would choose that were not making the “right” choice for them and their babies.

I fully trust my OB and that she will make the right decisions for me. If your doctor were ever to push a procedure on you that you are not comfortable with, it’s time to find a new doctor and that’s that.

I believe that giving birth is a natural process and that a low-risk pregnancy should not be treated as a medical condition that needs to be “cured.” However, I have no problem with being given drugs, or to have a c-section if my baby’s life was in danger.

And personally, I really can’t imagine giving birth at home. I just can’t.

I want to make it clear that I have nothing but respect for women who choose to give birth at home with midwives. It’s only when they try to push their agenda on me that I get annoyed. Birth plans are very personal choices; once a woman has done her research and made her choice, she should not be tried to be persuaded otherwise (unless she is putting her or her baby’s life in danger).

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