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Neil Gaiman’s Personal Library

I have been a long-time fan of Neil Gaiman, whom I consider the contemporary master of fantasy literature. So today, when Boing Boing featured a picture of his personal library, I couldn’t help but sit up straight and pay extra attention.

photo by Shelfari

I stared. I drooled.

It was exactly how I pictured his bookshelves.

And it’s how I envision my future personal library – in a place and point where I have the space, time, and monetary funds to build something so magnificent.

Because you see; I’d read my way out of a mountain of books, if I could.

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One Response to “Neil Gaiman’s Personal Library”

  1. Kate says:

    You and I are reading, and drooling over, the same things. The more I know about Neil, the bigger my intellectual crush grows. I want to know how he’s got them organized… looks like the fiction, at least, is alphabetical by author, but what of the nonfiction? Does he Dewey? LOC? :Cold chills:


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