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Please Stand By…

I know I’ve been blabbering on about my recent web host transfer and related maintenance issues, and that most people reading won’t even care.


Yesterday, a parenting Facebook group linked to one of my old, more controversial posts. Which led to tons of new visitors. Which led to more people linking to that same post from other parenting boards (like GBCN, which is apparently a message board for former Nesties). Which led to even more traffic from angry parents who didn’t agree with my parenting choices.

In simple terms, this blog received a whooping 172,616 hits yesterday. (And the stats continue to stay higher-than-normal today.)

My new web hosting account received a total of 381 (as of this writing) 508 “Resource Limit Is Reached” errors with this additional traffic, and my blog is acting up again.

When I decided to move to Hawk Host, I was torn between two plans, because my stats lie just below the limits of the cheaper plan. I decided to go with the cheaper with the rationale that my traffic has remained pretty steady for a while and I couldn’t see any foreseeable increases in the near future.

I’m still on the fence about upgrading my hosting plan. I may just wait out the wave of additional traffic, as most of the new visitors will likely never return.

In the meantime, I apologize if you’re seeing errors and/or experiencing slow loading times on this site.

And just in case you’ve read this through and are now sitting there going, “Well, that was a waste of 2 minutes,” here’s something to make up for it:

(via C-Section Comics)

Have a great day!

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