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Reverent Sunday: The Books of the Bible [Infographic]

Welcome to today’s installment of Reverent Sundays, where I write about an aspect of my faith. This can deal with recent books I have read on Christianity, my thoughts on religion and current issues, as well as particular messages I find touching and/or powerful. I am aware that most of my readers are not religious, and that is fine — you are more than welcome to not read these posts if they make you uncomfortable, enrage you, or bore you to tears. I am open to debates and discussions in the comments section as long as everyone remains respectful. Enjoy!

This is too good not to share: an infographic representing the books of the Bible, in the style of the periodic table of elements!

And if you want print it out, here it is with a white background, in PDF format (right/control-click to download):

This infographic comes courtesy of, one of my favorite Christian blogs. They have recently started a series called  “Visual Theology” which presents biblical and Christian-themed data in visual format — and this periodic table of the books of the Bible was its third installment in the series.

Be sure to check out the blog for more great articles, especially its “A La Carte” posts, which highlight headlines — both secular and religious — from around the world.

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2 Responses to “Reverent Sunday: The Books of the Bible [Infographic]”

  1. penga says:

    How clever, love it!

  2. ang says:

    Love this! Thanks!

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