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Stalking My Visitors

One of the many things I love about Squarespace is that it provides statistics that rival that of Google Analytics.

In addition to this “Traffic Overview” page (which is updated every minute!), there also exists pages for:

  • Referrers
  • Popular Content
  • Subscribers
  • Queries
  • Detailed Activity

Now I don’t know about you, but I love finding out how visitors get to this site. And of particular interest is the “Queries” page, which details the page views I receive from search engines.

The top queries are typical of what I expect: “geek in heels,” “geekinheels,” etc.

However, when I scroll down to the bottom, I can always find some rather…unusual stuff.

“hot spicy heels gallery”

“man in heels gallery”

“hot huge boobs”

“bjs and heels”

And there are always at least a few hits from those who search for hot pictures of Jessica Alba (I’m guessing this stems from the bra post I wrote a few years ago).

According to What’s My Blog Rated?, this site is rated an innocent G:

OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets

This cannot be accurate – I sometimes use swear words and talk about innapropriate topics on this blog. If I had to rate myself, I would give this site a PG…maybe even a PG-13.

And if my search engine queries are indicative of how people find this site, I might even rate an R, or an NC-17.

How do people find your site? What is your site rated?

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9 Responses to “Stalking My Visitors”

  1. Julie says:

    Funny, my blog was rated PG determined on the presence of the following words: hell (2x), ass (1x). And I never talk about "inappropriate topics."

  2. Hi, I’m Marty! I followed your tweet here.

    Very nice! Thanks for the tip! I’ll definitely look into incorporating these analytics into my own site and blog. It’s a little voyeuristic having all this data, isn’t it?


  3. Hee! I blog stalk too! Apparently the people who’ve been into my site so far are people who like train stations (???) and Cathy Dennis fanatics.

  4. Jen says:

    mine is rated "G" too and picked up on the word "shoot" as being the only questionable one – and I’m 99% sure I was referrering to cameras. I need to talk about edgier topics. 🙂

  5. Brandi says:

    That’s awesome! Do I need to switch? 🙂

  6. Gloria says:

    aww, i’m so proud of davin, he worked so hard on that stats page! 🙂

  7. I love squarespace! I stalk the queries section too – my favourite random search is "dinosaurs." Huh.

  8. That isn’t free, is it? *sad face*

    Fabulously Broke in the City

    "Just a girl trying to find a balance between being a Shopaholic and a Saver."

  9. nagisaman says:


    Congratulations on all the good stuff that has transpired since we last spoke. I was jst wonderinf you had been bitten by the Apple logic board bug as so many others have ( myself included)?

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