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The 1000 Most Popular Sites in the World

Today, Google released a list of the 1000 most popular sites in the world.

The list isn’t entirely accurate, as they left themselves off the list (they would’ve been #1). However, it comes to no surprise that Facebook and Yahoo easily take the top two spots by a large margin.

Browsing through the list, I couldn’t help but notice three things:

  1. The most popular category seems to be “Social Networks.” We are all connected, people!
  2. I was surprised to see that the most popular porn site — — is at a disappointingly low #135. Then I read that adult sites are excluded from the list…so how did make the list? It turns out that it’s an adult fanfic site. I guess fanfic doesn’t count as “adult content” in Google’s eyes? But the question still remains: what is the most popular porn site in the world?
  3. There are NO personal blogs on the list. Is the personal blog dead?

Are you surprised by anything on the list? 

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2 Responses to “The 1000 Most Popular Sites in the World”

  1. violarulz says:

    isn’t a just another name for blogger? that would mean that blogger blogs are the 7th (or 8th if you include Google) more visted pages on the net. That sounds about right to me, considering how many other blog hosts and personal blogs there are to steal away statistical visit numbers

  2. Geek in Heels says:

    @violarulz — I guess I should’ve been more clear in stating that there is no SINGLE personal blog on this list. I saw Blogger, WordPress, etc up there on the list but also knew that there are millions of people using these sites for their blogs. Sorry!

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