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The High Cost of Insomnia

I have been utterly uninspired as to what to write on this blog in the past week or so, and last night at around 3:52am, I finally figured out why: insomnia.

They say that insomnia affects up to 75% of women in their third trimesters, and it looks like it seeped into my life right on time, at about two weeks ago and refusing to make its departure. What makes things even worse is that my lack of sleep exacerbates all my other third trimester symptoms: nausea, swelling/bloating, aching, nosebleeds, and the general feeling of ickiness.

It was only fitting that I stumbled upon this infographic this morning…

After browsing this infographic, I am hoping that my situation is a case of acute insomnia, not chronic.

Does anyone have any suggestions for battling pregnancy-induced insomnia?

Via Power of Data Visualization.

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2 Responses to “The High Cost of Insomnia”

  1. Teresa says:

    Well… I just didn't try to fight it. I have a lot of 3rd trimester blog posts from 4am. I'd get up, eat a snack, surf the internet, try to sleep again in an hour. Usually I'd be able to go back to sleep then. Good luck!

  2. Ashley says:

    I'm sure you're in the acute group. I've been pretty lucky that I'm still able to mostly sleep through the night after my bi-hourly trips to the bathroom. Although, I've never noticed before how much my husband snores, and that's been difficult to try and get back to sleep to. 🙁

    Usually, I'll pick up a book I'm not interested in or flip on the tv to something I know I'm not interested in, and trick myself into getting sleepy. Try it?

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