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A Handy Vampire Hunter Comparison Chart

Sorry for the lack of posts as of late. Just as Claire got better from her cold, I caught it…and managed to pass it on to Aerin as well. 🙁

The good news? J’s parents gave me some Chinese cough medicine that made me feel infinitely better. Only when I looked at the label did I realize that the main ingredient is opium! No wonder I felt so good!

Today was the first day that I felt pretty decent, so I managed to get my butt to a hot yoga class. I definitely overdid it — not having had been to class in two weeks, in addition to my not still being 100% better — led me to feel dizzy and disoriented after class. Then I got the unmistakable taste of bile in my throat…and managed to make it to the bathroom just in time to throw up.

This was the first time since high school when I had thrown up after exercising. But you know what? I felt a lot better after the act, and cheerfully rinsed my mouth out and drove myself home without any problems.

Anyway, enough about my mundane life. Let’s get to the meat of the post. I saw this handy vampire hunter comparison chart earlier today and I knew that I had to share it:

(image source)

You gotta love the last column. 😉 I hope your week is going better than mine!

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One Response to “A Handy Vampire Hunter Comparison Chart”

  1. Dave says:

    The last column is great since Buffy is faster than Blade in killing Edward. I wonder how they would all fair against Lestat?

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