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The NBA’s Most Loyal Fans

Forbes has named New York Knicks fans the NBA’s most loyal fans.

I admit that over the past few years I have wondered why I subject myself to this torture, even questioning if I were playing a sick game of S&M with my favorite sports team.

Forbes goes on to describe our misery in further detail:

How miserable have things been for Knick fans? How about an average record of 30-52, including a pair of 23-59 seasons, over the past five years? Then there’s the series of off-the-court soap operas: respected veteran coach Larry Brown being hired and fired within one year; star guard Stephon Marbury feuding with coaches and now sitting out in street clothes as the team tries to trade him; and, of course, the embarrassing sexual harassment fiasco that ensnared (now former) President Isiah Thomas.

All this while charging the second-highest prices in the league. Still, the fans keep coming. Year after year, season ticket renewal rates check in at better than 90%.

Still, I have hope. The glory days shall return.

In other Knicks news, Allan Houston (my man!) has officially been given a front office position with the Knicks.

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