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The Not-So Lovely Bones

The highly-anticipated Peter Jackson flim The Lovely Bones hits theaters today.

I read the book when it first gained popularity in 2002.

I did not like it.

I thought it was boring and bland. I couldn’t understand what the big fuss was all about.

Now, I can’t even recall how the book ends.

Did you like The Lovely Bones? Do you think I should re-read it and give it another chance?

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15 Responses to “The Not-So Lovely Bones”

  1. I really, really disliked the book. Once I get to a certain point in the book I feel the need to finish, but this one was extremely painful to get through. My college roommate, however, LOVED it. I guess there are a lot of people out there like her if they converted it to a movie… but I will not be reading the book again, and I have no interest in seeing the movie!

  2. Stacy Marie says:

    I hated the book, the worst part was when the murdered girl inhabits someone else’s body to have sex with her childhood sweetheart. I mean, really? That’s when I knew the book was a lost cause!

  3. Stephanie says:

    I haven’t actually read that one, but Alice Sebold also wrote "Lucky". My Dad read it, recommended it to me, and I have since read it, and decided that it is the worst book ever. I wish I could more eloquently phrase that, but I hated the horrible feeling that I got from that book. So, I really had no reason to be interest in the Lovely Bones… and the preview looked kind of scary. I’m a little bit of a chicken.

  4. Moll says:

    I enjoyed The Lovely Bones, but it’s definitely not for everyone. People who didn’t like it told me they much preferred her memoir (Lucky), which I couldn’t stand… As for the movie, I was looking forward to it until I started seeing how Jackson handled it.

  5. Megan says:

    I remember liking The Lovely Bones but the sex part was weird. I just read The Almost Moon and that was very depressing and definitely gave you a horrible feeling reading it. I feel bad getting rid of it because it was a Christmas gift but it was just bad.

  6. I also read the book when it came out and did not see what all the hype was about! No interest in seeing the movie…

  7. Donna says:

    I did not enjoy this book – I’m currently reading another book from the same author and it’s not as disturbing but still a very dark book.

  8. Geek in Heels says:

    I think it’s funny that so many people refer to this book being too dark for them, because I didn’t think so at all! Like stated in my post I thought it was just boring boring BORING! Maybe it’s because of all the dark, disturbing, and morbid books in my library? 😛

    Nonetheless, I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who didn’t like the book…most of my real-life friends love it!

  9. Ashley says:

    I love the book. I’ve read it countless times. I pick it up just to look at it, read the first sentence, and then before I know it I’ve read the whole thing. I also enjoyed Lucky, but that book was written more as a cathartic experience than as a work of literature, so it’s very different (and intense). Stay far, far, far away from Almost Moon. It is horrid.

    Maybe you should give it another chance?

  10. MrsJBT says:

    I loved the book…what, five or six years ago? The trailers for the movie totally creep me out. Honestly, I’m not sure that I would still love the book today.

  11. Kit says:

    My mom read the book, and from the sounds of it- I won’t be reading the book. I refuse to even watch the movie. What’s the point if they don’t even catch the bad guy?
    Don’t read it again. Move on to something bigger and better….

  12. Why don’t you read it and tell us what you thought? 😛 I haven’t read it eitehr

  13. iRene says:

    I would DEFINITELY give it another read. I hear the movie SUCKS. I didn’t like Lucky. Lovely Bones was so much better~!


  14. emileee says:

    Totally agree with Stacy Marie – Suzie inhabiting another girl’s body to have sex with her bf was soooo disturbing. WTF? I can’t figure why the book was so popular.

  15. Sona says:

    I reread the book yesterday after reading your post (I couldn’t remember how it ended either; the first time I read it was 2003-ish I believe and I was a freshman in high school!). So, with your comments in mind, I started it again…and I have to agree that it was rather bland. However, while reading it, I kind of had the notion that it was intentionally bland– the perspective of the main character coupled with the horrific premise of the book calls for either gruesome writing or a detached, almost nonchalant style. If you really want to, you could reread it and approach it like that and it may make it slightly more bearable, but it’s still not a good book. The idea behind the novel is a good one, but the book itself is not up to standard. Lucky and Almost Moon aren’t worth reading either– I read Lucky prior to Lovely Bones so now that I’m older, I should maybe give it another chance, but Almost Moon is just weird and depressing.

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