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Yu-Be Mine

Last month the skin on my face became extra dry and flaky. I immediately panicked, because this has never happened to me before.

Call it aging. Blame it on the harsh weather.

Whatever the reason, I knew that my regular moisturizer just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

I dove into my bag of samples and found a sample bottle of Crème de la Mer. I had used it a couple of times when I first received the sample, but had found it too thick and rich for my tastes. However, I knew thick and rich was what I needed…

…and it worked! Within two days my skin was soft and supple. Not a dry spot or a flake to be seen. Hoorah! This really is a miracle cream!

However, the .24 oz bottle was small. What would happen when I ran out?

Ran out, I did, and my skin became dry and flaky again.

Was I willing to shell out $130 for a 1 oz bottle of face lotion?

I seriously contemplated. But in the end, it really wasn’t worth it.

Back to the samples bag.

I found a tiny tube of Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream. It was labeled, “The #1 Selling Medicated, Vitamin-Enriched Skin Care Cream in Japan — Since 1957.”

It healed my skin overnight.

Seriously! It’s the shiznit!

The scent may bother some users, as it smells medicine-y like VapoRub. The texture is also a bit greasy, and I felt like I was rubbing melted ChapStick on my face. However, the scent disappears and the moisturizer just melts into your skin within a few minutes.

If you read through the reviews on Sephora most people seem to be using this stuff on their body. I use it on my face and I wake up to baby-soft skin every morning.

The best part? A 2.75 oz jar of this stuff is $24. Compare that to 2 oz of Crème de la Mer for $230.

Yes, I just compared the $24 Yu-Be to the $230 Crème de la Mer…
and you get more Yu-Be!

Go pick up a jar yourself at Sephora or at the Yu-Be online store!

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5 Responses to “Yu-Be Mine”

  1. birdie says:

    i’ve heard amazing things about la mer, but dang is it expensive!! yu-be sounds much more affordable. and it’s japan-made? can’t go wrong with that.

    i have a hard time using creme that comes in a jar though. i always think i will get whatever’s left in the jar dirty when i scoop the product out. i am a total germophobe! do you dip your fingers in it or is there a better way?

  2. Geek in Heels says:

    @birdie — Yu-Be also comes in a tube version (the only con is that it’s smaller) and there’s a body lotion version that comes in a pump. I personally use a tiny spatula that came with an old makeup product (it’s been so long that I don’t even remember which product) for all my jar products. I’m sure you can get these small spatulas at beauty supply stores. Good luck!

  3. iRene says:

    I personally think the La Mer is sooo worth it… but hey… I’m a makeup artist/ product junkie.

    If you like the yu-be and need more, I can get it at a discount when I go to the Makeup Show in February. Probably a 20% discount… maybe more? Let me know if u want! =)

  4. lynnsoon says:

    oooooh, I’m going to try this. My flaky skin is killing me!

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