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What Each Country Leads the World In

Which country has the world’s highest rate of alcohol consumption?1 (I was surprised it wasn’t South Korea.) Social media use?2 How about “almost winning the World Cup”?3

Find the answers, and much more, in this revealing map by Doghouse Diaries. Yay, Koreans for being workaholics, and Americans for leading the world in Nobel Laureates and getting killed by lawn mowers!


For a full list of the author’s sources, look here.


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6 Responses to “What Each Country Leads the World In”

  1. We have asteroid impacts? I thought Canada would be most known for maple Syrup, beavers and being apologetic.

  2. […] to Geek in Heels for the original […]

  3. Liliana says:

    I saw this picture on another site a few days before and I find it very offensive for a lot of people. It looks like a person with very limited knowledge about the world made it.

    • I can certainly see how you, and others, may find this offensive. I think that I (and others who have shared it) should have clarified that this was originally published in the Doghouse Diaries, a comic strip that has more often than once taken potentially controversial topics and ran with them. It’s not for everyone, but I find it humorous and subscribe to it. 🙂

      And if you look at the list of sources, they mostly consist of Wikipedia pages — I wouldn’t be surprised if the author looked up the most interesting/weird/funny “#1 in the world” fact for the sole purpose of creating this map in hopes that it will go viral (which it has).

  4. hi says:

    My country: Eat beef

    That’s so freaking accurate

  5. DAnke says:

    E.E.U.U. : WAR.

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