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Wow, Check Out My Parents!

I think every little girl goes through a phase when she believes her father to be the most handsome man in the world, and her mother to be the most beautiful.

No? If not, I must have been a weirdo. 😛

But in all seriousness, I really did think this for a long time. Perhaps it’s because I had such great role models who always made me feel secure and loved? Or is it because my parents really were great-looking?

See for yourself. Here they are, on their wedding day 33 years ago:

(Names blurred out to protect their privacy.)

One of my father’s favorite stories to tell brag about is how when he was in his early twenties performing his mandatory military service, he and all the other men in his platoon had a little competition, comparing photos to see who had the prettiest girlfriend, and he won, hands down.  :mrgreen:

And although I may be biased here, I think my mother was very pretty. Personally, I think she looks much better in these pictures than some of the popular Korean celebrities today — even with their plastic surgery!

To quote Cher Horowitz, “Wasn’t my mom a total Betty?”


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5 Responses to “Wow, Check Out My Parents!”

  1. Your mom *is* beautiful! Thanks for sharing these pics 🙂

  2. Christine` says:

    i love seeing these! they are a very beautiful couple now too! =) but yes total Betty!

  3. Definitely a Betty. I have a similar story with my mother too. I’m just hoping I will age as beautifully as she has and look just as good.

  4. Linda says:

    Your mom was really very pretty, and she keeps her look now! Your dad was handsome too. You have great genes Jenny!

  5. cosmicyoruba says:

    Your mother is absolutely stunning!

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