Aug 8, 2014  •  In Art/Design, Books, Entertainment, Geek, Movies

The Giving Groot

Have you guys seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet? I was able to catch a showing opening weekend, and although I liked it a lot (I’ve loved Chris Pratt ever since he first stepped foot on the Parks and Recreation set), I didn’t believe it was as fantastic as most people made it out to be.    I thought […]

Aug 5, 2014  •  In Entertainment, Geek, Movies, Science, Star Wars

The Science of Star Wars

Physicist Andy Howell recently gave a talk about the science of Star Wars — yes, the actual science behind, the inspiration for, the data that supports, and the ‘how’s and ‘why’s behind the wonders of the SW world! — and wrote up a summary for Ain’t It Cool. This is so nerdy that I couldn’t help but stay […]

Jul 23, 2014  •  In Art/Design, Books, Entertainment, Geek

Clever Game of Thrones Mashups

Eric La Sorda (Imgur user timburtongameofthrones) is an illustrator who — you guessed it — imagines GoT characters in the style of, or as certain characters from pop culture. It seems that he started by drawing his favorite Westerosians à la Tim Burton, and eventually went on to mash them up with individuals from Family Guy, Scooby […]

Jul 17, 2014  •  In Art/Design, Books, Funny, Geek

Imaginary Book Covers for Harry Potter’s Middle-Aged Life

Last week, Harry Potter fans worldwide had a collective geekgasm when J.K. Rowling published a short story — in the form of a Daily Prophet article — about the famous wizard and his friends as adults in their mid-thirties. (Didn’t read the story? Take a look here — warning: registration required!) In honor of this momentous occasion […]