Apr 18, 2011  •  In Art/Design, Books, Home, Photography

Child’s Play: A Book Bed

In the East, it is not uncommon for people to use thin mattresses in lieu of a bed. The mattresses are folded/rolled and stored away during the day to save space. (This is, in fact, how my family slept when we lived in Korea.)
Creative photographer Yusuke Suzuki has taken this concept and transformed it to a short but fun series of photographs. The Book Bed allows you to literally crawl into the pages of a book; the pages act as blankets that you can use to keep yourself warm and cozy at night, while the bed itself can be…

Feb 22, 2011  •  In Baby, Claire, Home

Baby Nursery on a Low to Mid-Range Budget

While sites such as Ohdeedoh are wonderful for nursery inspiration and exposure to baby/kid-oriented furniture and decor, it’s no secret that the majority of the stuff they feature are…well, expensive.
It was never our intention to go all-out on Claire’s nursery, the reasons being that the rest of our condo doesn’t contain high-end furniture (95% of our stuff is from IKEA), and she really wouldn’t care what her room looks like because she’s just a baby.
That being said, Claire’s room has become quite a cozy nook. It was completed on a low to mid-range budget — we spent less…

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Chalkboard Wall Calendars

I immediately fell in love with this chalkboard wall calendar by the vinyl wall art company Simple Shapes. Oh how I wish I had an office I can decorate with inspired and functional pieces like this!

You can even order the chalk ink pen through their Etsy shop. Apparently, the stuff’s been around for a while but I had no idea it even existed. (But the idea of chalk without the messy white powder is simply irresistable to me!)
Check out their chalkboard and dry erase page to see their other wall calendar designs. No, scratch that — check out…

Jan 30, 2011  •  In Geek, Home, Information

Know Your Nuts and Bolts

I have a tendency to keep all the extra screws, nuts, and bolts that come with electronics, toys, furniture, etc just in case we have a malfunction in the middle of the night and ohmigosh this thingamajig just fell apart because it’s missing ONE screw but Home Depot isn’t open! So as you can probably imagine, our toolbox carries a giant mess of various fasteners in all shapes and sizes.
I could never really tell the difference between each nut or bolt, or even what they’re called.
Enter Bolt Depot’s interactive guide to fasteners.

Not only does it describe the…

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Guest Post: Suburbs to City

In my almost-30 years of existence, I have only lived in three areas: Daegu, South Korea; the New York metropolitan area, and Baltimore. Although I love to travel, the thought of moving to a brand-new city terrifies me. So when Michelle offered to do a guest post on her big move from a suburban town to San Francisco, I knew it would be a fun and illuminating read. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

First of all, thanks so much to Jenny for letting me guest post for her while she is getting some rest and…