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1988: A Great Year for Movies

Illustrator Andrew Wilson has done a fantastic job creating the following poster in celebration of some of the greatest movies of 1988. Can you recognize all four movies referenced in the poster?

I’m loving the tributes to Akira and Beetlejuice, but I’m a bit disappointed that another great 1988 movie — Die Hard — wasn’t included. (Did you know that J gifted me the Die Hard trilogy in Blu-Ray for my first Mother’s Day? He knows me so well!  :mrgreen: ) Can you think of any other great movies of 1988?

If you’d like a 18″x24″ giclée print of the poster — limited editions numbered up to 50 — it can be purchased here for $70.

And, just because the dinner scene from Beetlejuice is too epic not to post:

Via Geek Tyrant.

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