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This Past Week…

I went out for the first time in I don’t even remember when and two great things happened. The first: I got carded! :mrgreen: The second: I got hit on by three different guys — mama’s still got it!

I was rewarded for my adventures the next morning with a raging hangover. I definitely can’t handle liquor the way I used to…and a hungover mommy is neither attractive nor fun. This is why, boys and girls, I should always remember to keep my alcohol intake to a minimum.

My in-laws discovered a restaurant in Chinatown that sells not one…but TWO Cantonese-style ginger scallion lobsters for only $16. Score!

My cousin visited to see my daughters for the first time. It was so strange to remember that years and years ago, I used to change her diapers. Now she is a college grad with an enviable career who is obviously ALL GROWN UP.

The Hunger Games Blu-Ray I had pre-ordered arrived and I watched it with J that very night. I still believe it is one of the best book-to-movie adaptations I have ever seen, and J liked it as well. (He hadn’t watched it in the theaters.)

I finalized the plans for my trip to LA next month. I can’t wait!

Aerin began to really crawl, not just scooting backwards like she has been doing for the past month. Since Claire never crawled, I almost felt like a first-time mother again as I dealt with this newfangled trick.

We began receiving RSVPs for Claire’s birthday party. I’m still in disbelief that my oldest daughter is turning two soon.

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6 Responses to “This Past Week…”

  1. Sweet Mama M says:

    I am an English teacher and I totally agree that The Hunger Games film is a fabulous rendering of the novel itself. I also know what you mean about the kids you used to sit for – one of mine is in her last year of vet college!

  2. YAY for getting carded and hit on, ha! That’s so fun. And which restaurant is this? Looks delicious!!! 🙂

  3. NT says:

    I’m always looking for a good restaurant in Chinatown. Where did you go? Is it in NYC or NJ?

  4. YUM! I had lobster recently too. Chinese style with Ginger & Green Onion is the best way to have lobster. And $16 for double! Great deal!!

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