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26 Weeks

Once again I am a few days late. The truth of the matter is, there aren’t many new exciting updates on the pregnancy front (aside from the gross ones — see below) and it’s almost becoming a drag writing these weekly updates. HOWEVER, I know that there are readers who look forward to these posts AND […]

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314 Fun Things to Do in NYC

Jake Bronstein of Zoomdoogle has published a free guide of 314 fun things to do in New York City. Because when was the last time you took a Laughter Yoga class (#16)? Or attended a Naked Painting Party (#243)? Or just…looked up (#122)? The Fun List NYC is available in PDF format for FREE at http://zoomdoggle.com/. […]

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Search Engines of the Past

Which search engine did you prefer pre-Google? I’m happy to report that I (almost) exclusively used AltaVista since I first learned to trawl the web. (Click to view large) Via Geekologie. You may also like: Calvin and Hobbes Search Engine! 3 Things I Found on the Internet Today Two Fascinating, Potentially NSFW Charts How Much […]

Jun 29, 2010  •  In Comang, Cute, Funny

A Picture for a Terrible Tuesday

I’m having a really crappy day. So here’s one for me, along with anyone else who might be down in the dumps… Via The Daily What. P.S. — Sadly, I doubt Comang will let our baby girl do this to him. In fact, I’m pretty sure he’s scared of babies and kids, as he always deliberately […]

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Mario Live Wallpaper for Android [zOMG!]

Here’s another one for my fellow Android fans: a Super Mario Live Wallpaper! If your phone runs Android 2.1 or higher, this FREE download allows you to mimic a non-interactive game right in the background of your phone. The game isn’t pre-recorded, but it’s not playable either; it is created on-the-fly using random level generators […]

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The Circle of No Life, Blogger Edition

You’ve all seen The Circle of No Life. Now, check out its blogging counterpart: I must admit that I only use three of the services in this circle: Google Analytics, Twitter, and an RSS Reader (I’m not sure why the RSS symbol is lumped in with the online bookmarking/sharing sites, so I’ll just assume that […]

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Most Common Restaurants by Zip Code [NYC]

I have never heard of Very Small Array before, but after browsing through just a few pages I immediately added it to my Google Reader. Chock-full of interesting charts, graphs, maps, and illustrations, the blog is right up my alley. Currently, it is running a series of NYC maps that display the most common type […]

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I love the simple, utilitarian, and comical idea behind this product! Available in August, the iPlunge costs $5.99 — a steal compared to some of the other iPod/iPhone stands I’ve seen. Via Gizmodo. You may also like: More Technical Issues… Power Issues Star Wars Meets Little Golden Books OMGz I Want This Book

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Everyone’s a Winner

My high school had a weighted GPA system that took into account the level of different classes. For example, receiving an ‘A’ in a regular class would count as 4.00 while receiving the same grade in an honors class would earn you a 4.33. An AP class would raise the average even higher with a […]