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Search Engines of the Past

Which search engine did you prefer pre-Google? I’m happy to report that I (almost) exclusively used AltaVista since I first learned to trawl the web.

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Via Geekologie.

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5 Responses to “Search Engines of the Past”

  1. Jessica says:

    What about Dogpile? I liked that and Alta Vista because I liked both names. I had an Alta Vista email address because I thought it was pretty neat sounding.

  2. Lauren says:

    Hilarious and SO TRUE!

  3. Jimmer says:

    I was big into Excite, and my intellectual search engine was Metacrawler (as in, "Look at me, Mr. Smartypants, I use a ‘sophisticated’ search engine"). IMHO, Yahoo was just the evil twin of Excite, and killed him in the dark of night and took his place; no one noticed because their parents had kept Yahoo chained in the attic and never told anyone about him. Who do you think he went after first when he broke free, WHO? Their poor cousin Geocities didn’t see what was coming, either.

    I can’t really remember which engine I mainly used during the transition to Google; I only know that Ask Jeeves was involved because it would say funny things if you asked him if he was gay.

  4. baeshinja says:

    IPHONE oN VERIZON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thought of you of course…

  5. Geek in Heels says:

    @Jimmer — Your comment almost made me spit out my (decaf) coffee! Thanks for the laugh!

    @baeshinja — Yep I read about that yesterday. Jan 2011, eh? There’s a chance I’ll make the switch to the iPhone if it ever comes to Verizon…however, I’m currently having too much fun with the Android platform!

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