Mar 31, 2012  •  In Baby, Motherhood, Personal

Why, Yes. I *Do* Feel Like an Asshat!

As stated in my last post, this past week has been a whirlwind of sh*tstorms. Suffice it to say that the past few days have probably have been my most trying as a mother of two. Maybe I’ll write about the events that transpired in a future post, but there is a chance that I […]

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Mommy’s Diapers

After a visit to the grocery store to stock up on feminine supplies, I had my back turned for 5 seconds while taking Aerin’s jacket off and Claire got ahold of my box of Always Overnights with Wings. (The rule of thumb with toddlers is that they will cause the most mischief when you have your […]

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I have been forced to take a short break from blogging due to the horrible migraines I have been experiencing in the past couple of days. I am almost certain that my migraines are hormonal, as I have never gotten one before I got pregnant but regularly suffered them through both pregnancies. And now that […]

Mar 26, 2012  •  In Aerin, Baby, Parenting, Personal

Sleep-Training Aerin

I am by no means an expert on baby sleep, but the (very) general sleep pattern that my girls seemed to have followed is: 0 to 2 months old: sleeps most of the day, but also wakes up often. She is still getting used to being outside of the womb. 2 to 4 months old: the […]

Mar 25, 2012  •  In Funny, Geek, Video Games

If “Super Mario Bros” Was Remade

What if the classic Nintendo game “Super Mario Bros” was remade today — or even just re-released according to today’s new gaming trends? You may also like: Honest Video Game Box Art Video Game Character Butchering Charts The Konami Code Meets “The Last Supper” The Four Types of Mario Party Participants

Mar 24, 2012  •  In Claire, Cute, Funny, Personal

Dollar Store Stickers

I love that there is a dollar store within walking distance to our home, because it is a great place to find cheap sources of entertainment for Claire (e.g., helium balloons). Earlier this week, I purchased a package of hearts stickers (pink GIRLY hearts that Claire herself chose…what else did you expect from her?) and […]

Mar 23, 2012  •  In Claire, Cute, Funny, Motherhood, Personal

A Compilation of Claire’s Recent Funnies

The Nail Clipper: Claire hates, hates, HATES getting her toenails clipped. She’s okay with us clipping her fingernails, but she has a strong aversion to our clipping her toenails…she’ll even start crying when she sees us clipping Aerin’s toenails! (I’ve tried clipping my own in front of her, making it seem like it was THE most […]