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Aerin’s Developmental Assessment

Yesterday, two ladies from the state early intervention program stopped by our home. NJ’s early intervention program assesses a child in the following areas of development: Gross Motor Skills Fine Motor Skills Communication, Speech, & Language Social/Emotional Development Cognitive Skills Adaptive/Self-help Skills In order to be eligible for early intervention services, the child must have […]

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The Snip and Quit Method

Pacifiers are one of many subjects that are often raised in parenting circles and forums. Should you use one or not? When should a child be weaned from his or her pacifier? I know that many of my friends are against the use of pacifiers, but we happily used them with both Claire and Aerin. Pacifiers — […]

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Taking Care of My Contacts and My Eyes, FOB-Style

Gather ’round, boys and girls! It’s time for show and tell: contact lens and eye care edition. I’ve been wearing soft contact lenses for almost two(!) decades now, and I can’t believe I only just discovered the following contact lens care products. Yeah, yeah…a good portion of my readers are Asian and most likely have known […]

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Save Nina

This is Nina. She is a mother, wife, and daughter. Last September, Nina was diagnosed with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. After 7 rounds of aggressive chemotherapy, the cancer went into remission…but it came back with a vengeance: this time, in her brain. 🙁  Nina is currently undergoing additional chemotherapy, but the aggressiveness of the disease requires […]

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Game of Thrones Costume Details

A Hollywood insider once told me that assistants are often a overlooked source of information, influence, and power. Upon hearing that, I wondered to myself, ‘Well what about all the other “little” people involved in each movie and television show? Who knows? Even a grip can potentially hold significant insider scoop and leverage!’ Alright, so […]

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If Superheroes Had Instagram

Of the following, Peter Parker seems to be most guilty of overusing hashtags. 😛 I’d love to see more, Comediva! Hoping a new batch is in works for the future… Via Geeks Are Sexy. You may also like: 3 Things I Found on the Internet Today Browser Girls Because Sharing is Caring [Memos from Nick […]

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I wanted to pop in to give you a weekend update! First up is Aerin’s developmental delays. Many people have been asking about her (a big thank you for your concern!), and the reason why I haven’t written an update is because there hasn’t been much progress. The state of NJ organizes its early intervention […]

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Casting Disney’s Animated Characters

A few days ago, GeekTyrant shared a list of actors and actresses that should play the live-action versions of Disney’s classic animated characters.  The fantasy casting, originally created by Super Super Kawaii, includes many big names like Brad Pitt and Scarlett Johansson, and the vast majority of the thousands who have seen the list seem to […]