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All Airports Should Have BannerXpress Kiosks

Last month, Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport became the first airport to install a BannerXpress kiosk and the banner printing machine couldn’t be more popular.

Installed at the airport’s arrivals area, BannerXpress allows friends and families of passengers to create and print “welcome home” banners with custom fonts, graphics, messages and background images. The kiosk accepts debit and credit cards and charges from around $5.30 for a small banner, to up to $20 for the largest option which are printed on a canvas material in just a couple of minutes.

BannerXpress has gotten so popular, in fact, that users began to seek it to print banners for parties and sports games. As a result, the company plans to expand its target locations to sports stadiums as well.

I have never been greeted at the airport with a sign — not even one from a paid driver — and have always looked to those who were warmly welcomed with banners with a degree of envy. (I always joke to J that the next time he picks me up from an airport, he better have a marching band ready like Marshall did for Lily on HIMYM. 😉 ) Something like BannerXpress would be the perfect solution for those who are short on time, creativity, or both to show their loved ones that they were missed. I can’t wait until these babies start making their way stateside!

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4 Responses to “All Airports Should Have BannerXpress Kiosks”

  1. Sherrie says:

    I read about that one! I’m going to China in a few weeks from Schiphol Airport… perhaps my family will be crazy enough to buy me one when I get back 😀

  2. I love this! If we ever get one in Houston, I will definitely print a banner for my husband’s next business trip!

  3. Katie says:


  4. what an awesome idea! I would love to have access to one of these.

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