Apr 4, 2008  •  In Geek, Tutorials

Google Reader, Part 2

If you haven’t already done so, please read Google Reader, Part 1. Google Reader is fairly simple to use. Here’s a screenshot of my G-Reader homepage: An explanation to the numbered features: All items. This tells you how many unread feeds you have. Starred items. With G-Reader, you can “Star” certain feeds that may be of […]

Apr 2, 2008  •  In Geek, Tutorials

Google Reader, Part 1

(I felt compelled to write this two-part series because I still have daily run-ins with people who have never heard of Google Reader. How? Why? The concept boggles my mind, because G-Reader is my favorite Google App and I can’t imagine why any regular web user would NOT use it…) Do you have a lot […]