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C’mon LeBron

On July 1, LeBron James will officially become a free agent.

Will he stay in Cleveland? Or do the rumors of Chicago have merit?

I thought that my hopes of New York gaining the two-time MVP had long dissipated, but the city has made it clear that we’re not out of the running yet.

Along with a C’mon LeBron website, a Facebook page and a Twitter hashtag, the Big Apple is making an all-out effort to convince King James to come join the Knicks.

The city has even released a video, featuring Mayor Michael Bloomberg!

Did Bloomberg just quote the Bible? Oh, no he didn’t!

He may be a multi-billionaire with a media empire, but I always knew he has a good sense of humor.

(And I know this from reliable sources, because J was in the same fraternity as him. Apparently, the last time Bloomberg attended Homecoming, he made sure to stop by the fraternity house where he had been Chapter President in 1964. The brothers knew of his visit in advance and so made sure to stock up on good beer and some high-end liquor, but Bloomberg proceeded to enter the house with a six-pack of Miller Lite and drank only that. I can’t say much for his taste in beer, but according to J, he’s a “chill dude.”)

Via Gothamist.

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3 Responses to “C’mon LeBron”

  1. heidzilla says:


    even if he is a HORRENDOUS tipper.

  2. erin says:

    Although I live in FLA now, I was born and raised in OH am a Cleveland girl for life…it would be a big blow to the city’s morale (which is low enough already!) if he left. I hope that Danny Ferry’s resignation is part of the Cleveland push to get LBJ to stay. Also….nice to see another girl basketball fan!

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