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Comfortable Heels

Although I rarely venture out without heels, I’m ironically not that into shoes.

I am much more of a bag hag than a shoe whore, and until recently never spent more than $100 on a pair of shoes.

My mother stepped in to set me straight. “Shoes are so important to your health! If your feet are not comfortable, your entire body suffers.” She advised me to invest in a few high-quality shoes.

As they say, mother knows best.

In 2006 Cole Haan collaborated with its parent company, Nike, to bring the Nike Air Technology to a special lines of its shoes.

(image via nitro:licious)

I was naturally elated to hear the news, but balked at the price.

I then realized that I go through my shoes like hotcakes. If they did not fall apart after just a few months, I found myself ignoring them for the pain they brought to my feet.

So I decided to give the Cole Haan Nike Air shoes a try.

They’re worth it.

They are the only 3″+ heels that give me no pain at the end of the day. I once walked more than 20 blocks in these shoes, and even the men I was with that night were impressed.

Due to the high price, I only buy one pair a season.

In the past, I threw away shoes when they became worn and torn. But with these, I have them repaired and maintained by a cobbler.

The Cole Haan Nike Air line gets an official seal of approval from the Geek in Heels!

Now, on to boots.

At the start of fall, I wanted to get a new pair of knee-high boots to wear with skirts and dresses in the colder months.

My first stop, of course, was the Cole Haan Nike Air line, but I didn’t see any styles I liked.

I then sauntered into Macy’s one lunch hour and found the Kenneth Cole Landscape Boots.

Expensive, yes.

But they are So. Damn. Comfortable.

This is a huge feat for 4″ heels. Plus, the heels are wide enough for additional support and I do not have to fear for them getting stuck in subway grates.

Not only are they comfortable, they are so WARM and stylish as well.

I initially bought the black ones but picked up a pair in brown too. That’s how much I like them.

So there you have it. The Geek in Heels’ picks for the most comfortable heels.

Do you have any recommendations for comfy heels?

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3 Responses to “Comfortable Heels”

  1. Julie L. says:

    They had a special election day sale on Kenneth Cole yesterday – 44% off everything!!! Maybe you didn’t miss out?
    Here’s a special Cole Haan be our guest link!! Maybe you can buy your shoe for this year!

  2. Geek in Heels says:

    Hi Julie!

    Yes I caught that sale! It was crazy, at a whooping 44% off everything. I bought a nice winter coat for the mister. And thank you so much for the Cole Haan link – I already bought my Cole Haan Nike Air pair for the winter but maybe next year? 😉

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