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You’re probably expecting an election post based on the title of this post. I’m sorry to say this isn’t. The Presidential Election Day is obviously a very important one but I do not like writing about politics or government (I tend to get unpleasant flashbacks of my college days where I was an International Studies major). All I will say is: I have faith that whatever the outcome, it is part of God’s plan and design.

However, I do have some important announcement to make regarding my life and this blog…and as you may have guessed, they are all about change!

1. New Job

Last Wednesday, I gave my two weeks notice at my current company. I had not been actively seeking a new job, but a recruiter contacted me about a marketing/design position at a non-profit foundation.

I feel incredibly fortunate and blessed especially in light of the current economic situation and the dismal job market. At this new company, I will have a lot more creative control, more input, and it’s all for a good cause. Plus, since it is a new position (they had outsourced their marketing before), I will essentially get to create the role.

I will start my new job on the seventeenth and needless to say, I am très excitée!

2. No More Thursday Geek-isms

I pondered over this decision for quite some time. At the end, I saw that my Thursdays have grown too unpredictable. I know that I can move it back to Wednesdays, but I really don’t know how my new job will affect my blogging schedule.

To make up for this cut, I will be writing more short posts dedicated to all the interesting and wonderful things I find on the web.

3. Access to My Private Posts

(Note: this does not apply to those who already have access to my private posts)

In the past, all you had to do was register in order to gain access to my private posts page. Now I have met some fabulous friends through blogging, and so I have no problem with those I have never met in real life reading my private posts…I just want to know your name and email.

I had mentioned several times that I will never share or sell registrants’ names or emails, and that I only wanted to know who is reading my innermost thoughts. However, a few people still decided to make up bogus accounts with obviously fake names and suspicious email addresses.

So in order to take care of this problem, I decided that all readers who want access to my private posts will now need to be approved by me first.

You might have noticed some changes under the “Navigation” section of my sidebar:

If you register for a new account, you can subscribe to site updates via email, are identified uniquely when commenting, and have access to other special site features.

When you request private access, your new account will not be set up automatically. However, just as long as your name and email do not look bogus I will set you up as soon as I receive the notification.

I hope this isn’t too much of an inconvenience. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or comments!

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  1. Jenna says:

    Would you mind changing your link from That Girl to That Wife? I’m getting a lot of hits from you, but they are just going nowhere. And thanks for the link love 🙂

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