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Doggy Back Jacket

I have never been the type to adorn her pets with nonessential clothes or accessories. And although Comang is a shih-tzu, we keep his hair short because it is easier to maintain.

However, as we enter our first winter together I am a bit worried that my little guy will suffer from the frigid northeast weather as we go on our twice-daily walks.

Last week we experienced the coldest day of the season (so far) and so I took out the doggy shirt that his previous owners had bequeathed to us. The little guy LOVED it — he started running around in circles as soon as he spotted it in my hands, and refused to let me take it off of him when we returned from our walk.

Since then I have been on the lookout for a sweater or a jacket for Comang, as the doggy shirt isn’t too warm. The selection available online is massive — too overwhelming for someone like me — so I figured I would wait until our next trip to the groomer, who carries a good selection of pet clothes.

Until I saw this, that is.

The Doggy Back Jacket is designed for older dogs experiencing aches and pains. The “doggy back” of the jacket can be heated or frozen before being attached to the jacket via velcro to provide comfort.

I am always a bit skeptical of non-medical products designed for pet use. I mean, how do they actually know that the dog experiences relief from this jacket? Because as much as we would love to communicate with our animals, we can never fully understand what they’re thinking or feeling. 

In addition, Comang is only 3 years old so he does not require relief from arthritic pain…



I might just get one for my little buddy and end up using the “doggy back” portion for show.

via Nerd Approved.

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  1. Brandi says:

    muahahahahahaha those are adorable and hilarious all rolled into one. I want one for my puppy pronto!

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