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Happy Birthday, Aerin!

One year ago today — at 9:20am, to be exact — our Aerin Isabel entered this world.

You have taken me through laughter and tears. You have encouraged me to take life less seriously.

But most of all, you have  taught me that while there is no way to be a perfect mother, there are a million ways to be a good one.

Happy birthday, my sweets. May you never lose the joy with which you embrace your life.


Your Proud Mother

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12 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Aerin!”

  1. Annie says:

    Happy birthday my beautiful niece!!!!!!

  2. Grace says:

    Happy birthday Aerin! I hope your party went great, despite the adverse weather conditions! (really cute picture in the hanbok BTW)

  3. Sunny says:

    When she’s frowning, she looks like Claire. Haha. Happy bday little Aerin!

  4. Mina says:

    happy birthday little aerin!

  5. Pam says:

    wow, she really looks like you, she has your eyes. happy birthday little one.

  6. Alice says:

    Happy Birthday, Aerin!

  7. Happy Birthday Aerin! My, how much you’ve grown. 🙂

  8. teary-eyed! what a beautiful post. can’t believe it’s already been a year!

  9. Helene says:

    Happy Birthday, Aerin~

  10. Jane says:

    Happy birthday Aerin! Love the birthday post ^^

  11. Suzy says:

    this is such a sweet post! i almost cried! (i’m pmsing, but still!)

  12. Claire says:

    What a beautiful post & such adorable, treasured photos! I don’t have children myself (yet….. watch this space!) but I am an Aunty to the two most wonderful little girls, one aged 3 and one aged a little over 1 year – I love them so much and as a regular reader of your blog I am often smiling to myself about the wonderful foibles of children universally! Congratulations on your lovely family – you are blessed, and you clearly appreciate every day xx

    Claire, England

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