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How I Met Him

I have been married for a a month and a half now, and realized I’ve never written about how I met my husband.

J and I attended the same university. He was quite the ladies’ man in his college years, so he had already established a reputation by the time I entered school. In fact, I had heard about him before ever meeting him in person.

Our first time meeting face to face was at a party during my freshmen year (he was a senior). He tried to hit on me, and I ran away.

Of course, he swears he doesn’t recall this incident at all.

Fast forward a few years. I had taken a couple of years off and just returned to school. J had decided to stick around in Baltimore after school, and so still hung out with a lot of undergraduates. Since we had many mutual friends, we began to run into each other more and more.

He admits that he was always attracted to me, and in hindsight I should’ve seen it. He would stalk me online, and always nag me to come and hang out.

He even proposed to me (jokingly) multiple times during the course of our friendship.

At first I was a bit annoyed and put off by his forward nature, but soon I discovered that we actually had a lot in common and we became good friends.

Months into our friendship, J started seeing a girl who was considered by many to be one of the most attractive people in our wide group of friends. “What does she see in you? You’re such a dork,” I chided him.

Then I discovered that many girls, in fact, liked him. I again racked my brains. I thought to myself that he was a charmer and a natural flirt – could that be the reason?

More time passed. Then, one night, we were watching a movie together at my place when he made the first move.

Perhaps the other girls had planted a “what if?” seed in my mind. Perhaps it was the sake we had drank with dinner that night. Whatever the reason, I found myself not pulling away. In fact, it felt very…natural.

Three and a half years later, he proposed (again). This time, he was serious.

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8 Responses to “How I Met Him”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Hi! I absolutely adore your blog with all your baby news!
    Claire is so cute!
    I was just wondering/being nosy, is your husband J Korean too or is he Chinese? (Guessing from your posts about chinese wine bottles and books and card that you made)

    Just curious and it is eating up away at my brain!


    • No, not being nosy at all. I think it’s a valid question, especially for those who are newer to this blog. While I’m Korean, my husband is Chinese. I think I might add this factoid in my “About” section too, since I like to talk about how our race affects our lives. πŸ™‚

  2. Annie says:

    Jenny, your ring is SO GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! I mean of course I know it’s been a while since you posted this and you’re married with children but there is no denying how gorgeous your ring is πŸ™‚

  3. Stephanie says:

    Wow! I guessed right! You guys make an attractive couple by the way!
    Sorry for even nosier questions but…
    Does your husband speak Cantonese/Mandarin?
    And I presume you speak fluent Korean?
    So will you be teaching your children both these languages on top of English? Do you think that will be difficult to do?

    Thanks for answering!

  4. Stephanie says:

    Sorry, yet another question about your Korean-Chinese marriage.
    I read in another post that your parents do not speak English fluently. Does that mean they speak to Claire and Aerin in Korean only?
    OMG, if your children learn how to speak Korean, Mandarin and English…wowweee!

    Also, do you find there is a language barrier between you and your Chinese in laws, or with J and your parents? Did you learn each others languages (you Mandarin? and J Korean?)
    Did you experience any objections to your relationship from the in laws or your own parents?

    I personally speak Mandarin, some Cantonese and English but sometimes it’s hard to balance all the languages so I’m very very curious!

    Sorry, the mind boggles! Your relationship is so interesting!

    • Nope, we’re not learning each other’s languages. We know words here and there, but we don’t make an effort to do so and we’re fine with it. As for communicating with our parents, we usually have each other to act as a translator. I think that in both our cases, our parents would have IDEALLY liked for us to marry someone of the same race who speaks the language, but they’re fine with our choices and we didn’t run into objections.

  5. μ—λΉ„λ‹ˆ99 says:

    γ… γ… γ… γ… γ… λ„ˆλ¬΄λ„ˆλ¬΄ 이쁜 λŸ¬λΈŒμŠ€ν† λ¦¬λ„€μš”…γ…œ

    Your daughters both look ADORABLE btw… omg I showed them to my mom and asked for two little sisters like that.
    My mom refused, saying we didn’t have the genes in our family to produce those angels. ;(
    Love your ring too! So pretty! πŸ™‚

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