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Hump Day Hook-Ups

Sorry I have been MIA lately. Summer is the busiest time of year for me at work, and since I’ve been concentrating on my health and trying to get better, I’ve been doing my best to prioritize and actually *gasp* not try to tackle everything all at once.

My face is getting a lot better, and my body has finally adjusted a no-caffeine diet. That’s the good news, along with the fact that I no longer want to go around punching handicapped children due to my high levels of stress.

The bad news is that I’m still on medication and it makes me über-sleepy. Oh, and I can’t forget the most important con: NO ALCOHOL. No taste of sweet and frosty Heinekens after a long day at work. No complimenting delectable meals with savory wine. No experimenting with yummy cocktails. Sigh.

Here they are, my favorite webposts of the week. I added an extra to make up for my absense in the past week. Okay I lied – I couldn’t decide on just ten, so you’ll just have to suffer through an extra one. Ha! Take that!

  1. Question of the Day: Does Your Partner Understand Your Gadget Obsession? Gizmodo. J once said to me, “I finally figured it out. Gadgets are to you what jewelry is like to other girls. You just can’t get enough of them! You won’t stop buying them or whining if you can’t afford it!” I asked him if he would rather I prefer jewelry and he shut up. 🙂 At least he understands my obsession, and sometimes encourages it.
  2. 22° Halo and Other Fascinating Light Phenomena, Neatorama. Hello. Very visual, color-freak artist/designer here. Isn’t it only natural that I would let out a little “Eee!” when I saw these pictures? Oh, and going to Alaska to witness the aurora borealis is on my list of things to do before I die.
  3. Font Conference, College Humor. Hello there, we meet again! Along with being a color freak, I’m also a font freak. Even if you can’t identify fonts at first glace as I can, I guarantee you will still enjoy this video. Just imagine popular fonts as people…meeting at a conference.
  4. I Must Have It!: Little Knitted Link Doll, Geekologie. Duuuude. I wish I had the money to commission the entire Star Wars cast. Wonder how much that’ll be…
  5. WordPress For iPhone Is Available on App Store, Cult of Mac. This is the first iPhone app that made me want to run around in circles and howl like a cat in heat. The first that made me seriously consider switching to AT&T for an iPhone. Must…restrain…myself…..
  6. Exclusive: Inside the Lego Factory, Gizmodo. Those lucky bastards at Gizmodo continue to taunt us by posting a video of their experience at Lego. Just entering the vault and seeing every Lego set ever made wasn’t good enough for them. Nooo, they had to continue by taking pictures, writing about it, and now posting videos of the plastic dreammakers in production. Jerks.
  7. 26 Important Comic Books, Mental Floss Blog. Most of these were released before I was even born, but they’re so legendary that I have read or heard about them. And of course I remember Superman #75…I bought a copy and read it over and over, hoping that the ending would somehow change with each reading.
  8. Twitter is Not a Micro-Blogging Tool, Mashable! The author of this article seems a bit…well, angry with Twitter. However, he does make some valid points and reminded me this Plurk, where ProBlogger asked, “Does Twitter and Plurk distract you from blogging?” I personally don’t use Twitter or Plurk as micro-blogs, but more as outlets. I like to think (well, at least I hope) my blog is deeper and more analytical. What to you think?
  9. The Story of the Fail Whale, ReadWriteWeb. A great write-up on how even a site’s shortcoming can be marketed into something fun and profitable.
  10. iPhone Defines the New Leisure Class, Cult of Mac. I’ve done my share of lining up for gadgets, but it became restricted to weekends only after obtaining a full-time job. I’m also scared that if I ever do end up getting an iPhone, I would never be able to enjoy it to its full capacity because I just don’t have the time to do so. Well, here are those who have the time to wait on line and download a gazillion apps…our new leisure class!
  11. Star Wars Meets Classic Art, Gizmodo. How could I not include this? The results of a fun Photoshopping contest! (FYI, I was tempted to enter but again, the whole time issue stopped me in my tracks. Grr.)

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